Features and Specifications

Sora aircraft
A visual representation of the Sora Aircraft at a Regional Cargo Hub.


Sora Aircraft is under development. Designed for freight and utility operations, the aircraft is un-pressurised with fixed undercarriage, features which lower the operating costs and improve reliability. Its primary target is the worldwide air cargo feeder market, with additional applications in passenger operations and executive transport.


  1. 5300 lbs (2400 kg) payload.
  2. 863 cu ft (24.4 cu m)cabin accommodates bulk, palletised or container loads.
  3. Large cargo door on left hand side.
  4. Manufactured using proven techniques; designed and built by experienced staff.
  5. Constructed with an aluminium primary structure and composite secondary components (engine cowling and tail section).
  6. Simple and robust.
  7. Maximum takeoff weight of 12,500 lbs (5670 kg), meets FAR Part 23.

Please read our blog to see updates of progress to date on Sora.


Capacity Weights
Cabin Volume 863 ft3


MTOW 12,500 lbs
Containers (LD3 size) 3 x LD3 Useful Load 7,000 lbs
Payload (200 nm sector) 5,305 lbs


Standard Empty Weight 5,500 lbs


Cabin Dimensions Width: 90 in

Height: 72 in

Length: 230 in

Performance Powerplant
Cruise Speed @ 10,000 ft 183 KTAS


Engine – Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67

or Honeywell TPE331-14

Range (Cruise Power) 1650nm


Max Power  1200shp


Dimensions Certification Basis
Wing Area 422 ft2
(39.2 m2 )
FAR Part 23
Wing Span 58 ft 3 in
Normal Category
Overall Length 52 ft 8 in


Preliminary Specifications subject to change